Smart Ultrasonic Bulk Water Meters

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These meters can be electronically and remotely metered by BSI Electronics via the Waterlogged Application.

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Accuracy Class: B & O (indoor & outdoor)

Available in: multiple sizes, thread and flange connections

These meters can be electronically and remotely metered by BSI Electronics via the Waterlogged Application.


Technical Specifications:

Conforms to StandardEuropean Standard EN13757-4
Thread Connections
Meter Types
Maximum Flow Rates
G¾ B (R ½ )Meter Type AFlow Rate 1.6m³/h
G¾ B (R ½ )Meter Type BFlow Rate 2.5m³/h
G1B (R ¾ )Meter Type CFlow Rate 2.5m³/h
G5/4B (R1)Meter Type 2Flow Rate 2.5m³/h
G5/4B (R1)Meter Type 3Flow Rate 4.0m³/h
G5/4B(R1)Meter Type GFlow Rate 4.0m³/h
G5/4B (R1)*Meter Type TFlow Rate 4.0m³/h
G5/4B(R1)Meter Type HFlow Rate 6.3m³/h
G5/4B(R1)*Meter Type D/UFlow Rate D: 10m³/h
Flow Rate U: 6.3m³/h
G1½ B(R5/4)*Meter Type K/YFlow Rate K: 6.3m³/h
Flow Rate Y: 10m³/h
G2B(R1 ½ )Meter Type J/VFlow Rate J: 10m³/h
Flow Rate V: 16m³/h
Flange Connections
Meter Types
Maximum Flow Rates
DN50Meter Type L/WFlow Rate L: 16m³/h
Flow Rate W: 25m³/h
DN65Meter Type M/QFlow Rate M: 25m³/h
Flow Rate Q: 40m³/h
DN80Meter Type N/XFlow Rate N: 40m³/h
Flow Rate X: 63m³/h
DN100Meter Type 2EFlow Rate 100m³/h
Meter Readings Range0.001-99999
Available inHotNo
Max Flow Rate (Q3)Refer to Thread & Flange Connections
Accuracy ClassB & O (indoors and outdoors)
Q2≤Q≤Q4In the range 0.1-30°C: ±2 %
In the range 30-50°C: ±3 %
Q1≤QIn the range 0.1-30°C: ±5%
In the range 30-50°C: ±5%
Working Temperature2-55°C (no freezing temperatures & direct sunlight permitted)
Max Working Pressure0.3-16Bar (depending on gaskets and couplings)
Max Pressure Loss≤0.63Bar
Permissible HumidityIndoor and outdoor condensation and wells frequently filled with water.
Power SupplyLithium battery
Battery LifespanUp to 16 years @ tBAT<30°C
Up to 8 years @ tBAT 30-55°C
Working Voltage3.6V
Working CurrentNot Specified
Pulse ResolutionMeter is static thus doesn’t give pulses but an optional pulse adapter can simulate pulses @ a rate of 1 pulse/0.01m³ of water (every 10 Litres).
IP LevelIP68
Communication MethodWireless RF
User InterfaceLCD For information display & visual alarms (event log).
Graphic flow indicator
Flashing dots to indicate meter activity
Remaining battery capacity
Optical eye for reading and configuration
Main FeaturesWater usage measured using 2 ultrasonic principles:
Transit Time and Doppler methods.
Free of moving parts which ensures excellent meter longevity.
Flow is measured every 4 sec & new values (flow, volume etc.) are calculated every 32 sec.
Permanent memory (EEPROM) and includes the following registers:

Daily Logger (logging depth of 460 days)
Monthly Logger (logging depth of 36 months)
Yearly Logger (logging depth of 10 years)
Info Logger (logging depth of 50 events)
Visual alarms for error, leak, burst, tamper, dry, reverse & radio off, each with an hour counter.
Separate reverse flow log for meters erroneously installed backwards.
Tampering detection & permanent storage of such events.
Optional pulse adapter (for indoor applications only).