RFID Utility Timer

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Makes use of RFID Cards loaded with credits

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Examples of Applications

  • Pre-paid showers
  • Pre-paid pool/snooker games
  • Pre-paid squash, tennis or badminton games
  • Pre-paid sunbeds/tan can sessions
  • Pre-paid laundry service
  • Prepaid car washes
  • Pre-paid coffee
  • Prepaid gaming (for Xbox, Sony Play Station or any other arcade games)
  • Pre-paid parking / other access control

…and many more…



  • BSI pre-paid solutions make use of electronic devices called Utility Timers.
  • The electronics of the Utility Timers are housed in robust powder-coated metal enclosures with back-lit LCD displays.
    • The type of metal enclosure used for your application depends on the payment type/s you require & the number of units/items that need to be controlled i.e. the number of outputs/channels.
  • Utility Timers are fully configurable via an USB cable and the BSI PC application.
    • Each output/channel can be configured and controlled independently of each of the others.
  • If power fails during operation, the time remaining and system settings will be saved and operation will resume seamlessly once power is restored.
  • A BSI Audit Counter is an optional extra which retains a log of the number of uses for each of the independent outputs/channels.

Basic Operation

Basic Operation  

  • BSI Utility Timers work by turning on power to your specific application (e.g. Squash court lights or washing machines), for a pre-determined length of time, once successful payment has been made by your patron/customer.
    • Your patron/customer would purchase or be given a customised RFID Membership Card from you and would purchase credits for their RFID Card via:
      • A manned station accepting your preferred methods of payment, where your staff would then load credits to the customer’s RFID Card by way of a BSI Recharge Pod & PC Application.
      • OR
      • A BSI Recharge Station accepting your preferred methods of payment (notes, coins, debit/credit cards).
  • Your patron/customer would then tag their debit/credit card on the RFID Utility Timer.
  • The LCD Display on the Utility Timer indicates the cost per minute/cost per use as well the current credit & remaining minutes.
  • Once the pre-determined length of time has elapsed, power to your application will turn off, barring your patron/customer from further accessing/using your facility, utility, product or service.

Technical Specs

Technical Specifications

  • 220V Power Supply with lightning protection supplied as standard.
  • Potential-free Contact relay outputs for low voltage and control applications e.g. boom gate control.
  • 25Amp (220V) solid state relays are supplied as standard and would drive regular electrical loads.
  • Larger electrical loads e.g. Tennis court flood lights or large industrial equipment may require contacters.

Budgetary Pricing

Budgetary Pricing

Please contact us for an accurate quote because your quote will depend on many factors e.g. the number of units you

  • Please contact us for an accurate quote because your quote will depend on many factors e.g. the number of units you wish to control (outputs/channels).
  • Every application is unique and may require extras e.g. Pre-paid showers require solenoid valves.
  • The payment methods that you require will determine the electronic parts needed and the resultant size and type of metal enclosure to house these electronic parts.
    • Payment methods can be made up of one or more of the following: Coins, Notes, Debit/credit card, Zapper™, token or RFID credits