Off-site Water Metering

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There are two types:

1) Wired: for an apartment block
2) Radio Frequency (RF): conglomerate of apartment blocks

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There are two types:

  1. Wired: for an apartment block
  2. Radio Frequency (RF): conglomerate of apartment blocks



  • Hot and cold water are monitored and reported separately so as to recover heating costs of hot water from a centralized point, such as with a heat pump system.
  • BSI water meters provide a magnetic pulse output. (Click here to see our Domestic Water Meters)
  • Battery backup for power failures.
  • BSI servers are located at a highly reliable data centre ensuring redundancy and 24/7/365 access.
  • An exception reporting module can also be added to alert the Client via sms or email in the case of irregular readings which could indicate faults, leaks or burst water pipes.
  • The managing agent, building manager or centralized office will have credentials to log into the online Waterlogged™ portal to draw usage figures for each water meter. From here the Client can export the data for analysis and billing.

Basic Operation

Basic Operation:

  • Water meters are mounted in accessible service ducts.
  • An Electronic Metering Device (EMD) attached to each water meter monitors the electronic pulse outputs from the water meter.
  • Data collected is transmitted along a common bus, also housed in the accessible service ducts, and taken vertically all the way down to the BSI Server on the ground floor.
  • In a conglomerate of apartment blocks at a single site, Radio Frequency will be used to transmit data collected from each block to a centralised BSI server on site.